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1.1 Set up the development environment of BrainBox

  • WiRa (drone APP and client APP)

1.2 Demonstrate how to use Vairdo Binox APP (client APP)



2.2 WiRa

  • Download the Brainbox App Apk file and install it.

3.1 Install MPLAB X IDE (link)

3.1.1 Please follow the procedures below:

 1  2
Step 1 Step 2
 3  4
Step 3 Step 4
 5  6
Step 5 Step 6
Step 7

3.2 Install the compiler if there is no XC16 in your computer (XC16 v1.21)

3.2.1 Please note that the version must be v1.21. For the latest version, the paths of the libraries have been modified, which may cause build error in the firmware.

3.2.2 For the old versions of XC16, Microchip only provides the shell scripts for installation. It is easier to install XC16 with executable file.

3.3 Flash the code or enter debug mode

3.3.1 Please follow the procedures below:

s1 s2
Step 1: Open Project Step 2: Double click Selfie_Drone.X
Step 3: Select the 3rd icon to flash the code only; the 6th icon to enter debug mode (both would build code before processing)
s4 s5
Step 4: Remember to connect ICD 3 to PC Step 5: Note the connecting direction

3.4 Other configuration

3.4.1 Select Menu bar -> File -> Project Properties

When using MPLAB, either using battery or set power target circuit from ICD3
Make sure the compiler is the same as above; otherwise it may cause build error

3.5 Install Android Studio

3.5.1 Install tutorial link

3.6 Open project:

b1 b2
Step 1: Menu bar -> Open Step 2: choose SelfieDrone Project
Step 3: Wait until build is finished
Step 4: Wait until “Gradle build finished with xxx warning(s)…” appears. Click “Project” to see the source codes

3.7 Build and install the Applications

3.7.1 Application on WiRa board (drone APP): Make sure the Brainbox is power up and ready to work The LEDs on WiRa board start blinking: drone APP is ready Connect WiRa and PC Select “drone” and then select “run” or “debug” (in the blue circle), then there should be “choose device” window. Select “OK” (Please see the pictures below) When the application is being installed, the LEDs will be off. The installation is finished when the LEDs are blinking again.

c1 c2

3.7.2 Application on Android smartphone (client APP): Make sure the “Developer Options” is enabled (Ref. link) Select Developer Options, the enable USB debug Connect smartphone to PC Select “client” and then select “run” or “debug” (in the blue circle), then there should be “choose device” window. Select “OK” (Please see the pictures above) The client APP is installed

3.8 Start to control BrainBox:

3.8.1 Connect the battery to BrainBox, then DRONA will be automatically power up.

3.8.2 The LEDs on DRONA are blinking while the initialization and calibration are processed.

3.8.3 When the 4 LEDs on DRONA are all on and then off, it means that it finishes the power up procedures.

3.8.4 Press the power switch button on WiRa, and wait until the LEDs on WiRa are blinking.

3.8.5 Use smartphone to select the Wifi hotspot. The name starts with “NXDrone-” (See Fig. 3.8.1)

3.8.6 Open client APP, press the arrow to search the Wifi hotspot of drone APP. (See Fig. 3.8.2)

3.8.7 When the menu is changed to green, press the region for a while to open the menu (See Fig. 3.8.3-4)

c3 c5
Fig. 3.8.1 Fig. 3.8.2
c6 c7
Fig. 3.8.4 Fig. 3.8.5

3.8.8 Select “Open Video Stream”, then the video stream will show on the screen. (See Fig.              3.8.5)

3.8.9 The gimbal control is by slightly moving the right button.

3.8.10 Select “Info” to read some information of the BrainBox, slide right to get the next                      page.  (See Fig. 3.8.6-8)


c8 c9 c10
Fig. 3.8.6 Fig. 3.8.7 Fig. 3.8.8