ETP 518 Use Aardvark to test SPI on DRONA

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1.1 To test the functionality of SPI on DRONA (both master and slave)


2.1 Make sure drivers and Control Center Serial Software (available here) are installed on the computer.
2.2 Note that the hardware connections are different for testing master and slave on DRONA, respectively.
2.2.1 DRONA as master: normal connection (MOSI to MOSI, MISO to MISO)
2.2.2 DRONA as slave: MOSI to MISO, MISO to MOSI (because MOSI: SDO, MISO: SDI for Microchip MCU)

2.3 Download the source code from Github:

2.3.1 version: 816ee47


3.1 Connect the Aardvark SPI pins to the DRONA using 13-pin header with Aardvark as SPI master configuration. The required pins are MISO, MOSI, SCK and SS.
3.2 Open Control Center Serial.exe
3.3 Make sure the Aardvark is connected to the software (From menu bar “Adapter” → “connect” to make sure that. It should show a popup window as below)


3.4 Settings on Control Center Serial:
3.4.1 Select the “Master” page (Aardvark is SPI master, and DRONA is SPI slave)
3.4.2 bitrate (2000 kHz works)
3.4.3 set polarity to rising/falling and phase to sample/setup
3.4.4 The SS polarity is Active Low.
3.4.5 For testing SPI master on DRONA, select the “slave” page. The picture below shows how to select master or slave.


3.4.6 Pre-set the values in the text filed (in hex format)
3.4.7 If we use aardvark as SPI slave, remember to enable the function (as the picture below)


3.5 Write the one byte packet in hex in the field and
3.5.1 For Master: click send
3.5.2 For Slave: set MISO, and wait for the master to send out the data
3.6 Check the transaction log window at the bottom to see if the data from DRONA is expected.