EP-706 ANSYS FLUENT Venturi Simulation Procedure

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Date: July 15, 2015


  • To set a procedure to setup Venturi Effect testing on a sphere and a slanted cylinder in ANSYS Workbench
    • This follows the testing of a slanted cylinder in a 1 mm thick wall.

2. Design Modeler (Sphere)

  • Open a new project in Workbench
  • Place a Fluent analysis system and DCLK on the Geometry cell to open Design Modeler



  • Create > Primitives > Cylinder


Generate (F5)

  • Create > Primitives > Box


This will be the region where still air is. Decide appropriate dimensions depending on the simulation.

Generate (F5)

  • Create > Primitives > Box

706-06 706-07

This will be the region where the air flows.

Generate (F5)

  • Create > Body Transformation > Rotate
    • Bodies = Select the cylinder (in the graphics window or Tree Outline)
    • Axis Selection = click on YZPlane in Tree Outline706-08
    • Make sure the arrow is in the right direction and click Apply
    • Angle = 45 (For this case)
  • Create > Boolean
    • Operation = Unite
    • Tool Bodies = select all the primitives created
    • Generate (F5)
  • Click on the newly created body in Tree Outline and change its Fluid/Solid to Fluid
  • Final result should look like this:706-09706-10


  • Close Design Modeler