EP-704 ANSYS FLUENT Airfoil 2D Setup

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Date: June 17, 2015



2. Geometry & Meshing PROCEDURE (without explicit inflation layer definition)

NOTE: These instructions match the steps taken in SimCafe’s tutorial on airfoil ( https://goo.gl/OLIX5g) and the tutorial regarding importing points (http://pjotr.ru/ansys_dm_01/)

  • Find online the coordinates for the desired airfoil.
    • You need to write the points into a .txt file with the following format704-00
    • Any lines beginning with #’s are simply comments and do not have to be included.
    • The first number is the group number and the second is the order within the group. The remaining three numbers are the XYZ coordinates of each point. You only need 1 group, however, for this procedure.
  • Follow the first 5 steps in the tutorial about point importing. Because this is a 2D procedure, you will only have one surface (one group of points) to create.
    • Before creating the surface of the Make sure to zoom into the trailing edge and connect the open points after creating the curve from the points.
  • After successfully creating the surface of the airfoil, move on to the tutorial on SimCafe.
    • Set the velocity components to the desired velocity components depending on the desired angle of attack and Reynolds number.
    • Save image captures of contours, plots, and graphics created throughout the tutorial.