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Date: June 2, 2015


  • To give a rough guideline and list of resources that can be used to learn and become experienced with ANSYS
  • Becoming experienced with ANSYS in general requires experimentation and exploration on the user’s part to gain a better understanding of the software.
  • Prerequisites:
    • ANSYS installed on computer



Customer Registration

(when beginning work on a computer with ANSYS already installed)

  • Fill in the required information. The address has been provided here. Ask the person in charge of ANSYS License Server in the office for the Customer Number. (Report for change if office has moved)701-02
  • If they do not know, then run Server ANSLIC_ADMIN Utility on their computer, which is shown below, and click on View Status/Diagnostic Options >>> Display the Customer Number to see the number.701-03



  • ANSYS Customer Portal: https://support.ansys.com/portal/site/AnsysCustomerPortal/701-04
    • ANSYS Full Course Videos and Workshops: https://goo.gl/Imtqfh
      • ANSYS Customer Portal has full course videos for learning Fluent, Meshing, CFX, and more.
      • Go to https://goo.gl/BI1yeg to download the files for Introduction to Fluent 16.0, which contains workshops for the Fluent course (the videos themselves do not have a link).
      • It is recommended that you go through Fluent full course (including workshops) à CFX workshops à Meshing full course à Design Modeler workshops
        • CFX workshops will help in practicing concepts from Fluent and becoming familiar with CFD-Post, which is very useful for post-processing data.
        • If time is a constraint, skipping heat-transfer-related lectures and workshops and returning to them when a project does require heat-related data may be more efficient. Airfoil and viscous flow lectures and workshops are helpful for aerodynamic simulations.
        • Knowledge of Design Modeler may be necessary for defeaturing and parameterizing geometry.
      • Search function in the website
        • You can search for a variety of tutorials and questions in the website.
      • ANSYS has an extensive Fluent Tutorials Guide for release 16.0 that contains many tutorials that may be related to the current problem to tackle.
      • ANSYS Tutorials, Examples, & Curriculum: http://goo.gl/QLybPW
        • This page has links to various resources that are also useful.


  • Tips & Tricks by Leap Australia Computational Fluid Dynamics Blog (CFD): http://www.computationalfluiddynamics.com.au/category/tips-and-tricks/
    • They have a series of blogs with concise tips and tricks that are good to read after completing the full course videos or while going through the full course videos.
    • Also, you can read the comment sections to see more questions answered in detail by the LEAP Support Team.






  • ANSYS Tutorials, Examples, & Curriculum


  • Google…